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Coffeeshop Company 2.0

Concept for interior design of a coffee shop 290 sq. m. in St. Petersburg.

дизайн кофейни
дизайн ресторана
дизайн ресторана в санкт-петербурге
coffeeshop company в санкт-петербурге
дизайн кофейни в петербурге

Architecture: The premises for the coffee shop consist of three naves covered with cross vaults.
The concept suggests making two side naves (halls) for seating, and creating a cash counter area with a kitchen and bathrooms in the central hall. This creates a circular movement that makes staying in the coffee shop interesting and intriguing.

Design: Since the halls of the coffee shop are deep and elongated, the reception is based on a visual lighting effect that is natural in nature. The human eye is designed in such a way that a light screen located in the dark space of a hall attracts a person’s attention. By placing light paintings with a tropical garden in such screens, the interior attracts the attention of people (even those driving along the avenue in cars) and invites them to come in and try the product.

The building was built at the beginning of the 19th century, so the brickwork in it is inherently unique. The project involves removing plaster from part of the walls and ceilings to create an authentic tropical loft atmosphere.

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