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Apartment for a young family

Area = 57 sq. m.
Year of implementation  - 2020

Эдвард Бил авария
квартира для блогера.jpg
барная стойка из бетона.jpg
квартира Эдварда Била
Квартира Эдварда Била
Наташа Заборцева.jpg
входная зона.jpg
прихожая из металла.jpg
панели с градиентом в интерьере.jpg
зона тв.jpg
Где живет Эдвард Бил
панели с градиентом
спальня в боксе.jpg
рабочий офис дома.jpg
дизайн спальни.jpg
микроцемент в интерьере.jpg
душевая со стеклянной перегородкой.jpg
дизайн детской комнаты.jpg
шкаф в детской.jpg
зона для чтения в детской.jpg
домик для ребенка.jpg
детский кабинет.jpg
домик в детской.jpg
планировка квартиры.jpg

AZAR bureau designed an apartment in Moscow for a media blogger.
The architects managed to transform a standard 57-square-metre flat in Moscow into a functional and comfortable living space for a 3-person family with two cats.
Apart from basic features – bedroom, children’s room, kitchen with a living room, and two bathrooms, the clients wanted to have many extra areas: a bar counter, an equipped study, and several places with large screens for the purpose of creating media content in home conditions. The architects managed to fit all these areas into a relatively small space and added a fully featured walk-in closet as well.
“Strict functional minimalism and monochrome colour scheme along with warm shades of wood – such an interior is discreet and conducive to quiet rest and intellectual life”, - the architects believe.
This minimalistic interior is based on individuality. All the furniture (except for the office armchairs) is tailor-made according to the architects’ sketches.
In the living room, the walls are finished with MDF panels with a gradient from dark graphite colour on the floor to light grey colour of the concrete ceiling. One part of the walls conceals built-in spacious wardrobes, while the other one has built-in multi-level shelves for the cats.
The ceiling in the living room, the kitchen, the bar counter, and the bathrooms are finished with microcement. Moru patterned glass partitions are added with tempered glass and laminated glass for safety reasons.
The specialists from AZAR invariably stick to their principle of ecological minimalism, therefore, only natural materials are used in the interior design: concrete, ceramics, metal, wood, and glass.

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