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La Dacha

Implementation of the project. Home improvement show on the federal TV 
Y-2022. Room area = 50 sq.m.

Some photos with daylighting:

Some photos with artificial lighting:

TV show video:

Visualization of the project before the start of the interior renovation:

Feedback from the participants of the show:

"There was a room that we couldn't make proper use of. We wanted to do something outstanding, so we sent a letter to the home improvement show. We were lucky to get a reply! Then 3 months of renovation followed. Finally it came to an end! Our first emotion was absolute delight! Designers and architects did a great job and managed to please our large family! Now we've got our own interior garden! We totally loved it! Stylistic ideas, decor features, an enormous sofa, a posh chandelier, French windows, mirrors, visually expanding the existing space. Dark graphite colours of walls are combined with bright yellow decor features and deep green colours. The metal grid divides the room into zones, adding lightness and airiness to the room. Now it's a bright original room for family and friend gatherings and just relaxation. Thank you for the fairy tale that you brought to us!"

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