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Too Chi restaurant / 2017-2018


Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Total area 150  sq. m.  
Status: Build

too chi gastrobar, ту чи гастробар
Дизайн гастробара TOO CHI
Дизайн ресторана ТУ ЧИ
too chi гастробар спб
правильный бар
too chi restaurant by a-z architects
too chi гастробар дизайн
дизайн ресторана TOO CHI
too chi гастробар дизайн
 дизайн интерьера магазина
дизайнер ресторана Too Chi
Декор для ресторана
Vallone tap design
дизайн туалета в ресторане
дизайн коридора в ресторане
дизайн vip комнаты в ресторане
A-Z architects design
дизайнеры петербурга
дизайн в ресторане
 a-z architects design
авторские радиаторные решетки
дизайн общественного заведения

We got an order for a small but very challenging location, which was interesting in terms of its properties: the semi-basement of a prestigious house, which was built before the October revolution, looking over the Neva river and Palace embankment. The only thing which remained from the previous interior was the front door – we decided to restore it and refresh it with polyurethane satin paint, the decision inspired by varnished doors of Parisian houses.

As the place boasts a view over the Neva panorama, but it only has three windows which are small and look like castle loopholes, it was decided to remove the tables from the windows. This defined the circular structure of moving around the restaurant-to-be. It became possible to get the view of the Hermitage after the window reveals had been widened.

We faced the tough challenge to create the sense of privacy combined with the sense of airiness. It was the main reason why space composition was carried out by means of semi-transparent partitions made of metal gauze, with archways and decorative wall niches.

A few words about decoration: this project features calm interiors combined with exclusive accessories and tropical décor.
Polished steel of expensive utensils humbly glitters on the tables made of bog oak. Polished dazzling white marble steps contrast with graphite floors of black shale, while delicate carmine armchairs match monochrome walls made of hairline stainless steel.
The project pays special attention to light: warm electric LED clouds, scattered around the cold ink ceiling, create the feeling of magic and cosmic zen, while origami lamps and ice columns with banana palm trees represent the traces of influence of Japanese minimalism.


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