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Coworking spa space Wow Massage

Project and implementation - 2015.
Area: 80 sq. m.


Массажный салон в стиле эко лофт
Дизайн спа салона
дизайн спа-салона
Дизайн студии йоги
интерьер салона красоты
дизайн спа комплекса
массажный салон  фото
элитный спа в петербурге

The spa space, covering just 80 sq. meters, caters to both massage practice and yoga classes. The primary focus of the interior design was on the versatility of the space. Throughout the day, guests visit the salon for massages and spa treatments, while in the evening, the main hall transforms into a cozy yoga studio.

The spatial design of the salon divides it into two parts: the entrance area with the reception and tea zone, and the private section with changing rooms, bathrooms, and massage rooms—oval relaxation areas created by floor-to-ceiling snow-white curtains.

The interior of the salon exclusively features natural materials such as plaster, wood, pebbles, candles, marble, metal, fabrics, and glass.

The main leitmotif of the interior draws a comparison between the massage space and a house on the seashore. Axial views directing to  the windows with the seashore accentuate and complement the tropical atmosphere, providing a contrast to the harsh climate of the northern region often experienced by the residents of the European city.

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